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Monday, 25 March 2013

How to Reach Customers For Your Online Business

The World Wide Web is a perplex world. However, perplex as it is, there are numerous ways to earn good money online. It may take time, it may take effort but if you persevere, you will surely make a living as an online entrepreneur.

Online entrepreneurship has many different faces; however, we will not discuss the many facet of online entrepreneurship. In this article, we will discuss how and where you will find customers that will be craving for your products and services.

It is very hard to run after customers. Many internet entrepreneurs continue to run after customers for their online business, they succeed some time, they fail some time. Thus, it is necessary that you know where to reach customers and how to convert those potential customers into fanatics.

People do not want to be sold to, customers wants to buy from experts. Experts who knows how to solve their problems more than they can. Thus, if you want to reach customers, targeted customers who may buy your products and services, you have to be the expert of your field. This is the shortest distance to reaching customers for your online business.

How to Become the Expert in Your Subject

Expertise in a subject is not born with you. You have to learn it and earn it, the expert status in your field. If you want to learn more about your niche, you have to research and try to know your product by heart. You also need to know the problem your niche is facing and learn how to solve that problem.

Start the process of becoming an expert by researching your niche.

How to do Niche Research

1. Think of the keywords that pertain to your product

2. Think of the problems that your product solve

Now, you have the basic keywords. Research your keyword further by using WordTracker and Google Keyword Tool. By researching your keywords further, you can get the keywords and its combination that your customers use when they search for products or services like yours.

Now, that you know the keywords and the keyword combinations, create articles that will help your potential customers. Solve the problems faced by your potential customers. Find the solution that no one else can offer but you and your product.

The helpful articles you create may be published in many locations on the World Wide Web. You will have create articles that will put you high on search engines so that when your potential customer searches for products like yours, then they will easily find you.

Create Articles for your Online Business

To reach customers for your online business, you have to be able to tell the public that you are the best person to provide answer to their questions. You have the solution to their problems and that you are the expert they seek.

You must create articles that will help your potential customers. Solve their problems and keep them interested in the product you are selling.

You can create articles and use the keywords and keyword combinations liberally within the article. This is called search engine optimization. You have to include those keywords in all your articles so that your articles will rank high on search engines.

Write, read and rewrite your article until you are convinced that the article is ready to be published. Always check grammars and spelling, you surely do not want to be perceived as unprofessional by published unpolished articles.

Publish articles in as many locations as possible. Publish articles in article directories, in forums, include your articles in ezines and and also publish helpful articles in your website. Always remember to put a link to the pertinent product so that customers will find it easy to purchase your product if they see your articles.

You may also visit Yahoo! Answers. Many internet browsers post questions that will help solve their problems at Yahoo! Answers. Answer questions posted by potential customers. You can put up a link in your answer leading to your website.

Ensure however that the link pertains to the question or subject of the questions so that posting the link will not be illegal.

You may also need to create a landing page to improve the chance of your online business.

What is a Landing Page?

You are able to reach potential customers, you may excite them with your sales letter or your articles, but most of them will not continue to read and may easily click back. Thus, you will need to create a landing page where you can offer additional information like free reports or free trial. Offer to send the free information through email, you may then be able to capture their email addresses.

When you get the email addresses of targeted visitors, then it will be easy for you to convert them into buyers of your products.

Finally, when you are able to build your list, continue to communicate with them. Offering helpful tips on how to use the products properly. They will then be happy customers and thus, may talk about their good experience with you and your products. This will then lead to word of mouth referral.

While being happy and talking about your products and services may be good, it may may likewise be necessary that you ask your customers for referrals. Your online business will now be successful because you have targeted customers craving for your products.

Josie P. de Dios is the author of various ebooks published online and write SEO articles for numerous clients. She has been writing web contents since 2005 and have been successful following the above techniques.