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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Genevieve Flight ebook goes live on Apple iBookstore & iTunes

The Secret Code to Success and Wealth™ In Online Business by Genevieve Flight is now live on Apple iBookstore and iTunes and here's the link for you to check it out and sample it too.


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Sunday, 24 March 2013

I Expected To Make Tons Of Money As Soon As I Became An Online Business Entrepreneur!

Do you realize that you need to have a business mindset to be successful in any business venture? In order to have a business mindset, you must understand the desires and needs of your potential customers as the main source of your online or storefront endeavors.

In order to understand the mindset of your potential customers, you must do a lot of research to see what the market demands. I have often thought of the age-old saying, "There must be a demand for whatever type of product/service you are offering". Truthfully, no truer words were ever spoken! (This is elementary my dear Watson - the supply and demand rule of any marketplace.)

Now, in order to be fair, we should compare online entrepreneurship to storefront entrepreneurship.

When you have a storefront anywhere, you have to find a space to rent, own or lease right? When you are an online business, you must think of a domain name as well as a hosting company. The difference in price is the big thing - renting or buying a commercial property may be more expensive than the hosting, but please remember that when you have a storefront, you deal with all customers on a face-to-face basis, while on the internet, you have to depend on word-of-mouth in most cases.

When you have a business online, you must think of a sales letter that will sell your product/service without the aids of vision, while in the case of a storefront, you have the aid of vision, people can make choices (whether they are to your liking or not), and you can make a personal sales pitch. This is almost impossible on the internet - you must depend on your sales letter (usually the written word only). For that reason, your sales letter must be outstanding and convincing to any and all customers that visit your website.

When it comes to making a living from your business entrepreneurship, whether it is online or storefront, you must remember that both take time. With the above-noted factors in mind, do you think you can achieve financial freedom overnight? This is highly unlikely in either case (storefront or internet) without the patience and persistence you should possess!

To establish any business anywhere, you must earn the respect of your customers, and as most of us are aware, that takes time! You surely don't expect that as soon as you start any kind of business endeavor that you will make a fortune within a few days - how can people trust you? Most people don't even know you so why should they buy your products/services from you? In short, you have to prove yourself to potential customers no matter whether you have a storefront or an online business.

In my experience, people get into an online business to achieve financial freedom and expect to see major results almost overnight, without thinking of all the aspects involved in such a venture. If you tend to think this way, you are really cheating yourself and your customers. Don't make that mistake - it could be very costly financially and hard on anyone's self-esteem!

What about advertising? Did you think of that? If you are an online business from home, you can advertise with testimonials if you so desire (that's a good way in fact), but as a storefront, you may not have that option unless the customer you have the testimonial from is in the store when their words of wisdom are required - the odds of that happening are pretty slim. Unless the customer you are promoting your products/services to personally knows the customer that wants to give your business a boost with a testimonial and can give them a call or a visit, you may be out of luck.

To make a long story short, online business ventures are not that vastly different from a storefront business when all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed, but there are differences when you stop to think about both types of businesses.

Can you spot the differences between the storefront business and an online business? Do you want to gain financial freedom with no boundaries?

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Home Online Business Opportunity - Being an Entrepreneur

All entrepreneurs were not all natural-born; in fact, many who were not born entrepreneurs can become one. But, there are some identifiable entrepreneurial traits someone must have to be successful in business. After all, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. However with these specific character traits, you can see if you really have what it takes to reach your goals with a home online business opportunity. Let's explore indispensable entrepreneurial attributes that anyone who is aspiring to start a business should possess.

1. Independence. This is often the most common denominator of all entrepreneurs. They want to seize their destiny; therefore they commit to become their own boss rather than labouring beneath the gaze of a boss. An entrepreneur possesses a stubborn sense of independence and can move forward with a single-mindedness of purpose and well-defined personal objective to attain via their online home business opportunity.

2. Determination and Persistence. The world of home entrepreneurship is expected to be filled with both success and failure. A necessary attribute of a winning entrepreneur is the devotion to persist pursuing his goal regardless of the setbacks and obstacles he may stumble upon on the road. This perseverance and determination is fueled by a burning desire to realise his objective of succeeding in his chosen home business opportunity and reaching their dream.

3. Self-Confidence. Along with independence, an entrepreneur has self-confidence. They believe in their capabilities and ensure that they will put forward their best effort into their particular endeavours and in turn demand the greatest outcomes from it. The business world is very competitive and isn't a place for the half-hearted. Trust in one's own abilities is very important in reaching any objective - particularly in running a home business online.

4. Creativity. You should be ready to create new ideas as well as create new ways in which to unravel obstacles. Creative people are in nature curious, bright and highly adaptable when thinking. Creative entrepreneurs acutely scrutinize their environment and have an eye for recognising new trends that would create an opportunity to grow their home business online.

5. Goal-Oriented and Organised. An entrepreneur is aware of the value in being systematic when undertaking a home online business opportunity. All work should be targeted towards accomplishing the purpose. A smart entrepreneur uses systems for each move they make so that less time and other resources are consumed in achieving the goal. A good entrepreneur has the power to consolidate his resources and sees true value in leveraging his labour.

6. Visionary. Entrepreneurs have a clear vision for their future. They are guided by this vision to take the opportunity and build a successful home business online. This vision may be for short-term or long-term, but all visions are to ultimately reach their goals in growing one's business. Committed entrepreneurs will already feel their success and visualise it clearly even before it happens.

7. Risk-taking and Tolerance for Failure. A sensible entrepreneur understands that shortfalls and defeat are inherent to any business venture. Thus, an entrepreneur should always be ready to take calculated risks and face the consequences. Entrepreneurs must have the courage to face defeat and start again. Whether or not it is with a home online business opportunity or other business venture, a successful entrepreneur persists and moves on even though obstacles momentarily obstructs the way.

8. Perseverance, Commitment and Hard Work. These are perhaps the most vital entrepreneurial traits. In taking on a home business opportunities online, there can be no real success without perseverance and hard work. An entrepreneur can not generate great results if he/she gives up in front of obstacles. An unconditional commitment to success is in itself a vehicle for perseverance and hard work.

9. Integrity. Whether it is with business partners, workers, fellows or investors, entrepreneurs should be honest and honorable in all their business transactions and interpersonal relationships. Genuine home entrepreneurs believe that they run a genuine home online business opportunity and surround themselves with partners and companies with the same pledge to integrity.

Building a profitable business though a home online business opportunity will need you to exhibit all personal traits described throughout this article. Whether these qualities are inherent to you or are learnt through practice, they will assist you in generating success for yourself through hard work, devotion, determination, patience, autonomy, vision and integrity.

Justine Simard mentors others to build a lucrative work at home business through her Home Online Business Opportunity with a true avenue to financial freedom and personal growth. Start your own business and be guided by a group of successful entrepreneurs in learning and applying all strategies to run a profitable home based business and reach your lifestyle and income goals.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Entrepreneur Home Based Online Business

Owning your own home based online business can be an exiting and rewarding experience, and entrepreneurship is becoming an ever more popular choice in today's marketplace.

The very fact that it is home based allows you the flexibility of setting your own working hours. The fact that it is online means very little start up costs (as compared to a physical business with premises, staff etc to consider). However, while the benefits are great, entrepreneurship is not for everyone and there are also disadvantages to deal with.

The most successful online business are those that are well thought out and planned, therefore, if you are considering staring your own home based online business, before venturing too far, ask yourself some important questions, and weigh up the pros and cons, to determine if you have what it takes to run a successful online business from home:

1. You have the potential to earn a lot of money, you will be able to set your own hours and be your own boss, but running an successful online business takes hard work, determination and requires long hours. It must be run as a business and not as an extension of your home life. Are you willing to work long hours, and do you see yourself having the discipline and long-term motivation, energy and commitment it takes to make this work?

2. You will no longer be going to the office, and working from home can make some people feel isolated. Are you prepared for this change?

3. The information you offer around your product needs to be to a good standard, up to date, and I believe truthful. Do you have sufficient knowledge, and if not are you prepared to put in the time to learn?

4. Success may not happen right away, are you in the position and prepared to take the time it needs?

In summary, entrepreneurship and owning your own home based online business is not for the faint-hearted, but if you are willing to work hard and embrace a challenge, your dreams can come true.

Chris Holden

This article was written by Christopher Holden who is a Business Consultant and the author Entrepreneur Essential.com an online home based business guide specialising in helping individuals succeed online.

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