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Friday, 22 March 2013

Internet Entrepreneurship - How to Secure Your Future With an Online Business

The current recession and financial crisis that the world is experiencing is responsible for starting to make people think about the security of their retirement and their future. For the young, it is an ardent wish to retire early and live the good life so to speak. For those who have missed their chances to retire young, they are now looking to secure their future of which they envision to be a life where they can finally do the things that they've always wanted to do. But the recession and the financial crisis changed all that and now the concept of security after retirement and the possibility of early retirement for some has become more of a distant dream than a pending reality.

This is particularly true with those who have lost their jobs. Imagine losing everything you have worked for in a single flash. Imagine looking to start all over again at the age you said you were going to retire.

The recession and the crisis is not all bad news though. In fact, for people who know how to recognize opportunities, the recession is actually a blessing in disguise. For one, it has exposed the the myth of job security. This in turn has led those who know how to look at the good side of things to explore other avenues and means to make money and acquire wealth. Indeed, the crisis has created a lot of entrepreneurs.

If you are facing doubts about your own future, then you are strongly encouraged to turn into entrepreneurship. One of the best place to start a business nowadays is the Internet. Internet entrepreneurship is on the rise and more and more individuals are recognizing the power of the Internet and the leverage that it can provide.

There are many ways to make money on the Internet. You can try multi-level-marketing or MLM, network marketing, affiliate marketing and other methods. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The good thing about the Internet is that it does not require much capital for you to start an online business. So you can simply try one method and if does not work, you can move on to the next.

Online Business: Past Results Don't Predict Future Success!

Have you 'failed' at reaching the goals you had set for your business income or growth?. Those who read me know that I use this word only rarely, not because I am in denial, but rather because I have the belief that every experience provides value and helps up grow (every defeat is an opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge, often indispensable for our growth, and thus is a milestone to personal success, rather than a failure). But this isn't what this article is about. Rather, I will focus on the relevance of past outcomes for predicting future outcomes, in your online business or in realizing other individual ambitions.

Instant online business success is uncommon. Overnight wealth from a 'push-a-button' business system is a sham. Spontaneous entrepreneurship is an unfair challenge. Growing a lucrative business online requires time, action... and personal growth! But then you hear about those who generated tens of thousands in their first month, replaced their income in their first three months, or produced seven-figure incomes in their first 12 months? And you ask yourself: Why Can't I do that?

If this question keeps emerging in your mind, every day, you shouldn't! Success is personal, and measuring your results against the success of others will not be empowering. Results in online business are created through the business owner's skills, mindset, dedication, leadership, faith, actions, entrepreneurship, resources, passion, tenacity, consistency, direction, and personal development, ALL of which will IRREFUTABLY contrast between individuals. The most productive approach, is appraise those things against YOURSELF and YOUR ambitions.

If you didn't realize your objectives in online business or in other areas, it doesn't mean that your future outcomes will be equivalent. HOWEVER, you need to evaluate whether you have the ability and resources to bring the contrasting outcomes! This involves your personal strengths as well as your income vehicle.

1. Evaluate your goals.

There is nothing wrong with ambition and optimism, on the other hand the goals you define must agree with an action plan that is reliable to enable you to reach your goals! Developing a meticulous business plan focused on your goals is key, as well as understanding the actions and personal development required to attain your goals.

2. Assess your business opportunity (income vehicle) and how you can exploit it.

Do you sincerely believe that your business vehicle is the best one to achieve your goals? Here are some productive questions you can ask yourself to assess this:

- Do you love what you do? (you launched an online business to love it, didn't you?)

- Do you believe in the value of the products you sell? (you can't sell something you don't believe in!)

- Do you have business systems that are adequate to assist you in running your online business?

- Can you apply the business strategies effectively?

- Do you possess all the resources you require? (if you do not, GET THEM!)

- Do you have all the abilities you require? (if you don't, DEVELOP THEM!)

- Is your company's profit structure productive? (can you make your income through leverage and high profits, as opposed to through grueling work and smaller profits?)

Success in your online business is about establishing significant and viable goals, your business vehicle to accomplish them, and how you drive this vehicle. Your former results are reflecting your goal-setting, your income vehicle and business systems, or your driving skills! ALL of which can be CHANGED for future success!!!

Justine Simard is an online business and network marketing coach. To learn from Justine Simard and tap into the most powerful and profitable marketing systems and online business industry, visit Home Business Opportunity. Also visit Justine Simard's Official Blog for Online Business Resources, internet marketing training, personal development and success strategies, and inspiration for online entrepreneurs.